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Ask Yourself

  • What would I do to have more meaningful connections

  • How would my life change if I had the support and love I needed

  • When will I start having healthier relationships

A short guide on how to get better relationships!

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What You'll Learn

 How many times have your changed at least part of yourself to accommodate others, only to discover the relationship didn’t get any better? In this relationship guide, you’ll . . . 

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Pages 2 & 5

  • Learn the importance of healthy boundaries

  • Personally discover what’s important to you and how it affects your relationships

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Pages 10 & 14

  • Set goals for your relationships and how to structure you personal goals 

  • Learn the difference between a boundary and an expectation

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Pages 21 & 27

  • Show people to adhere to your new boundaries 

  • Use reciprocity for healthier relationships and healthy boundaries


Meet the Author & Therapist

Jocelyn is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional who works in private practice and maintains a small caseload in community care. She has a Bachelor of Sociology, and her Master of Social Work is in mental health and substance abuse. She has worked with an organization that does foster care and adoptions, an acute psychiatric hospital, and a non-profit organization that assists people with disabilities to secure employment.


Jocelyn wrote The Art of Relationships after working with military personnel and civilians alike who continuously had trouble in their personal and professional relationships.

Amazon Review
I bought the book because I wanted to improve my relationship. I learned a lot of things about myself and my partner through this book. Although the book is really short it’s loaded with value. Be sure to do the written exercises.

What People Are Saying ...

This short guide was created after thousands of hours of therapy with different clients from all walks of life, and discovering that many of the difficulties we face in life are because we lack healthy boundaries within our relationships.

eBook or Audiobook



Collection of The Art of Relationships

Invest in Yourself  

What types of relationships have you allowed yourself to be acclimated to, and which ones are you ready to break free from?


There is a stark difference between being conscious in the world and being acclimated to it.


The relationships we can change start with ourselves. It's up to you to evolve.

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