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Jocelyn officially began her mental health journey almost 10 years ago but has been an aspiring clinician since the age of seven. At speaking engagements for conferences and seminars, she has educated people on the importance of having healthy personal and professional relationships with boundaries.


In addition to being a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW), Jocelyn is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP) who works in private practice and maintains a small caseload in community care. She has a Bachelor of Sociology, and her Master of Social Work is in mental health and substance abuse.


She has worked with an organization who does foster care and adoptions, an acute psychiatric hospital, and a non-profit organization that assists people with disabilities to secure employment.

Read Jocelyn's personal story below!

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Some people only value what they deem expensive.  So ask yourself - "What's my relationship worth to me? How much do I want to create a relationship you cherish and can’t live without."

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Jocelyn’s Story

Born in Queens NY, Jocelyn and her family moved all over the world while serving in the military. She was introduced to the concept of therapy at the age of 7 by a family friend who was a practicing psychiatrist, and she knew instantly that she wanted to grow up and help people overcome their own difficulties.

Unfortunately while growing up, like many others she's encountered, Jocelyn experienced physical, verbal and sexual abuse among other heartaches and hardships. But at the age of 13, she found the strength and courage to tell one of her abusers of almost 3 years to stop abusing her - and he actually listened! This was Jocelyn's introduction to setting healthy boundaries even though at the time she did not have the language for it.

During Jocelyn's time serving in the military, she experienced more abuse and more hardships, but she also learned many important life lessons that would reaffirm her decision to become a clinical therapist. Jocelyn left the military honorably after four years and eventually obtained her clinical licensure.

Later, while working on a military base and attending to over 1500 active-duty service members from different walks of life, she realized just how many people lacked the fundamentals of understanding their mental health. Jocelyn set out and created four unique trainings to help those service members understand their mental health.


The Art of Relationships is based off one of those trainings. She created the training and the guide to assist people in having a better understanding of how to navigate their personal and professional relationships. Jocelyn is currently working on an additional guide to help people on their mental health and healing journey.

Jocelyn O LCSW
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