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There is a stark difference between being conscious in the world and being acclimated to it. What have you allowed yourself to be acclimated to and what are you ready to break free from? Many of us have experienced trauma. It could have been a major car accident, a house fire, war, violence, neglect, or abuse. But when we don't deal with our trauma, it shows up elsewhere, like in a relationship that we really cherish. This may end up leading to a situation where we experience further trauma and perpetuate our own trauma cycle.


​Most people don’t realize, because they have not healed from their trauma, they cannot show up in their relationships authentically. They fail to recognize that by not showing up in their relationship as their authentic selves, they cause space and distance that allow for complete disruption and severe heartache in their relationships.

​At Freedom Therapy & Consulting, expect a trauma informed psychotherapist who is ready to teach you how to take charge of your life and be in control of the things you can control. You can be in control of how you respond to things.  You can be in control of how you show up in life. You can control your decision to live authentically.​

Freedom Therapy & Consulting is owned by Jocelyn R. Ortega, MSW, LCSW and she has an extensive background as trauma informed therapist.  Trained in CBT, DBT and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and ReprocessingTherapy) along with other treatment modalities, Jocelyn is a Veteran having served in the Coast Guard and is ready to work with you.


Check out Freedom Therapy & Consulting webpage today if you are interested in therapy (for North Carolina residents only) or for consulting/coaching (anyone worldwide).​

***Disclaimer – therapy is for North Carolina residents only.

Anyone not residing in these states is eligible for consulting (coaching) services.

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